Mahua : The Hidden Gem

Mahua : The Hidden Gem

For the first time in India, enjoy the richness of Mahua in personal care products, handpicked from the forests of central India. 

Mahua has been used by tribal societies across India for centuries for various skin benefits. It is now time to introduce Mahua in personal care regime to India and the rest of the world.

Mahua , Madhuca indica , is an endemic tropical tree species of India. It has been mainly been used for production of local liquor after fermentation process. Due to this reason, popularity of its other uses and benefits have been over-shadowed over centuries even though ancient Ayurvedic texts mention about the dermatological properties of Mahua fruit, Seed oil and bark for treatment of various skin issues. 

Ayurvedic recipes uses Mahua for it's natural emolient and humectant properties. It is a very good skin moisturizer and it's oil is very effective in treating skin rashes, itching and infections. Extensive scientific research on the active constitutents of Mahua and its medicinal properties has also been done proving the same.

Our 'Mahua & Sandalwood Luxury Silk Foam face cream' relies on these medicinal and hydration properties of Mahua to make your face glow with smooth texture. It also cures sun damages, removes sun tans, dark spots and tightens skin pores.

We have procured Mahua from the forests of Madhya Pradesh which is a leader in Mahua collection in the country. Communities living near forests have been collecting Mahua flowers since centuries for their personal and commercial needs. With basic training and skill development in grading, sorting and right collection techniques, we have been able to get the most purest and finest Mahua flowers and seeds for our products.

So,order now to enjoy this rich yet unknown ingredient from the Jungles of central India !


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