Palash & Sandalwood Luxury Ubtan
Palash & Sandalwood Luxury Ubtan

Palash & Sandalwood Luxury Ubtan

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Power packed with 12 super-rich herbs, flowers, this facepack or ubtan, is a delightful treat for your face.

Bright orange coloured Palash flowers, also called "Flame of the Forest", have been part of Ayurvedic recipes since ages. But its widespread use in skincare products has not been seen. That changes now as we have gone to the deep Sal jungles of Madhya Pradesh to get you the best of Palash flowers for this ubtan.

Dried palash flowers, when applied on sunburns and rashes, pacifies the aggravated and dried up regions of the skin, leaving it soft and completely nourished. It also has high Vitamin E content which is a natural emollient, giving smooth texture.

Sandalwood weaves magic by reversing sun damages, removing dark spots, tans and leaves a glowing effect on your skin.

They are well complimented by healing properties of 4 mainstay herbs - ashwagandha, turmeric, giloy and neem. Rose petals has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which help in fighting skin allergies, acne, rashes and redness. Orange peel balances skin pH and tightens the skin pores. 

It's a complete luxurious facial spa packed in a jar. You won't have to go to a salon for facials after this. We bet.

D I R E C T I O N S   F O R   U S E

Mix adequate amount of ubtan with water / rose water and apply on face. Massage and rinse after 20 minutes. Repeat weekly for best results.

H O W    I T    B E N E F I T S 

  • Glowing radiant skin
  • Controls acne outbreak and removes excess oil
  • Removes sun tans, sun damages, dark spots
  • Heals scars and blemishes on face
  • Promotes cell regeneration and Collagen Producer
  • Maintains skin pH balance
  • Tightens the pores
  • Skin Smoothening
  • Cures and prevents skin allergies, infections

Key Ingredients

High on vitamin-E and other vital minerals, it nourishes the skin. Cures rashes and sunburns. Brings glow to skin.

It nourishes the skin and gives it elasticity. Reduces dark spots, sun tan, sun damages, skin pores. Cures dark circles and other signs of ageing.

A super-herb with natural astringent and anti-oxidant properties which prevent acne breakouts, remove dark spots, pimples and blackheads

A super-herb which acts as an anti-ageing agent. Reduces wrinkles, lines and other signs of ageing.

Has many vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, making it an excellent combatant of acne, redness, and inflammation

Has natural anti-bacterial properties which cure and prevent skin infections and allergies. Also kills acne causing bacteria.

High Vit-C content helps in balancing skin pH and gives a natural glow to face

Helps in curing extreme dryness, eczema and other skin diseases

Has natural anti-septic and healing properties. Helps in faster healing of scars, blemishes burns

complete your regime

Apply our facial creams and Anti-ageing facial oil after using this ubtan for the complete face care regime

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