Marigold & Eucalyptus Body Wash
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Marigold & Eucalyptus Body Wash
Marigold & Eucalyptus Body Wash
Marigold & Eucalyptus Body Wash
Marigold & Eucalyptus Body Wash
Marigold & Eucalyptus Body Wash

Marigold & Eucalyptus Body Wash

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 Invigorate and Refresh your body with the perfect combo shower gel. 

Marigold and eucalyptus, both have natural cooling properties and balance our Pitta and Kapha Doshas as mentioned in Ayurvedic texts. Traditionally, a paste of the Marigold leaf would be applied on the body to treat bodily scars, acne, de-tanning, anti-ageing and dark spots lightening.Eucalyptus, sourced from the evergreen forests of Nilgiris, supports skin healing through it's natural antiseptic/anti-inflammatory properties. The body wash also has aloe vera, rose water, and cedarwood to detoxify and hydrate your skin. Herbs like ashwagandha and shatavari improve blood circulation in the skin and give a soothing effect.

Make this body wash your bath companion.

 H O W   I T   B E N E F I T S

  • Refreshes & invigorates your body
  • Detoxifies & removes Pollutants from your body skin
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Helps in healing scars and blemishes
  • Improves blood circulation 

Key Ingredients

Refreshes your skin. Has purifying and cleansing properties. Also contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduces redness and blemishes

Helps in de-tanning, curing damage caused to skin by UV exposure, inflammation and reverses signs of ageing

Has antimicrobial properties which detoxifies the skin by removing pollutants, dead skin cells

Protects your skin from infection by improving the blood circulation and preventing cell damage

Has variety of vitamins with natural astringent properties to bind your skin and reducing inflammation

Gives a soothing effect to your body while also reversing sun damages and ageing signs

complete your regime

Apply our special Kokum Butter & Cedarwood Body Lotion after bath to complement the body wash and complete body care.

Kokum Butter & Cedarwood Body Lotion

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