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Mahua : The Hidden Gem

For the first time in India, enjoy the richness of Mahua in personal care products, handpicked from the forests of central India. Mahua has been used by tribal societies across India for centuries for various skin benefits. It is time to introduce Mahua in personal care regime to India and the rest of the world.

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Taking Community Along - Access Benefit and Sharing
At Forestry™, we are always consious of our social responsibilities, value system and socio-ethical conduct. We uphold the principle of 'Access Benefit and Sharing' and for that we have taken extra steps to ensure that the communities living near forests & engaged in raw material procurement get their share of benefit. 
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Your skin and hair will love this honey !
Consumers around the globe are often misled on the purity and quality of honey they consume either in food products or personal care products. Well, worry not, our honey has been procured directly from the rich sal forests of central India....
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