Your skin and hair will love this honey !

Your skin and hair will love this honey !

Consumers around the globe are often misled on the purity and quality of honey they consume either in food products or personal care products. Well, worry not, our honey has been procured directly from the rich sal forests of central India. No intermediaries, no adulteration. The forest honey is harvested by trained local tribals and it goes through minimal processing involving cleaning and grading. The honey is dark in colour and viscous. It has a soft texture, never separates  into layers and offers a distinct sweet aroma.

To satisfy ourselves we have gone the extra mile to put the forest honey through a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) test and guess what the honey passed with flying colours. It is pure and safe not only for personal care products but also for direct consumption. Having said that, be assured that your skin and hair will love the honey in Forestry™ products.

Go Honey Shopping ! Have a look at our Sal Forest Honey Collection and test it for yourself.


Team Forestry™ 

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