From the Jungles of India

Ingredients form the most basic constituent of any personal care or cosmetic product and in case of natural products they are the most important also. This is because natural products like ours do not rely on chemicals to bring out the desired effects on your skin and hair. We rely on the active compounds present in the natural herbs, roots, barks, flowers and the seeds of various plants and trees to make the most natural impact on your skin and hair.

To ensure that the most pure, unadulterated version of these ingredients get into our products, we have gone the extra mile. We have collaborated with various states forest departments, joint forest management committees ( JFMC) , farmer producer organization (FPO) and biodiversity management committees (BMC) at local levels to get you the finest raw material from the remotest corners in the jungles of India.

What kind of collaboration ? 

This collaboration is basically involves raw material collection and primary processing like sorting, grading and cleaning at the source level by these agencies. The collaboration is two ways, we quote prices which are higher than the existing market rates so that we get the best quality and grade of raw material and also the primary processing standards are maintained. 

We have gone with these collaborations because we acknowledge the fact that the local communities living near the forests for centuries have more knowledge, practical know-how and skills to get the finest material from the forests. All the agencies like JFMC, FPO, BMC are democratic in nature at the grassroots level and also have sustainability as a component inbuilt in them.

What does this collaboration ensure ?

No middlemen

 No middlemen are involved in the raw material procurement process which gives us better control over supply chains, quality and standards of raw material

No adulteration

No adulteration : the most common issue with raw material is eliminated as primary processing involves our team members also

No chemicals / artificial procedures

No chemicals / artificial growing procedures : the raw material are not subjected to harmful chemical treatments at any stage to enhance their properties,colour, odour etc.

Better rates to the forest produce collectors

Since we are hungry for finest & purest ingredients, we are ready to spend extra on regions, people who make it happen. That is why our raw material procurement rates are higher than the existing market rates.

Benefit to local Community

Taking community along : Since we rely on local communities and traditions to get the finest ingrdients out of the jungles, we believe it is our social responsiblity towards the community to share the benefits. Read more on Access Benefit and Sharing programme.

From the Jungles of India


So next time when you use our product, you know what it means when we say that 'Purity reigns supreme in our products' and also know how much effort has gone into making it involving persons who are collecting the herbs/flowers/seeds/roots/barks from the jungles of various corners of India !